Selection Process for 2020 Spring International Teams


General Information

The 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship (the “STQ”), hosted by Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer, will serve as the basis for selecting participants for the teams representing the United States at certain 2020 Spring international teams for which the USODA has received invitations.

Competitors may elect to participate in one of the USODA international teams with the order of selection to be based first on order of finish at the 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship and second to complete any applicable gender allocations.  It is USODA policy that all international teams adhere to the IODA (International Optimist Dinghy Association) policy that all teams must consist of at least 25% members of the opposite gender, except for the IODA World Championship team.



Team Selection Process

In connection with the roll-out of the USODA’s new website, many changes are being made to the team selection process.  First and foremost, unlike prior years, parents and sailors will not need to complete “International Team Paperwork” in advance of the start of seeding and the notarization of paperwork will no longer be necessary.  


Please join the USODA International Team Selection Process Presentation and USNT Additional Invitation Information Presentation on Friday, October 11th at 10:30am to learn more about the USODA’s new team selection process.

Team Formation Timeline

Due to the fact that the STQ is being held so early in the calendar year this year, the dates for one of the international teams being seeded have not yet been posted.  The USODA does not believe it is fair to ask sailors and their families to commit and register of a team when they do not even know the dates the event. As a result, seeding will be delayed until the dates of Spring 2020 international teams are known.


Team Announcements

Teams will be announced one at a time starting with the IODA South American Championship team.  Parents will have 24 hours to register and pay on the USODA website once their sailor receives an invitation.  Failure to accept within 24 hours will result in the invitation being rescinded. Once the team is complete, the final list of sailors will be posted on the USODA website.

If a competitor declines an invitation to join a team, the competitor will be eligible for an invitation to any other 2020 Spring international team.

Follow‐on Invitations: On occasion, a competitor will need to drop from a team and this will open a new position. If time allows, the USODA will offer the position to the next eligible sailor, even if they have already accepted to participate in another team. This can create a chain of changes. When these follow‐on invitations are made, the parents will have 24 hours to accept and pay on the USODA website. 

There will be NO REFUNDS if a sailor commits to be on an international team and then cancels after payment. If the spot can be filled then a refund, less $500, will be refunded.


Posted Draft Budgets:

Draft budgets will be posted for each team prior to the start of seeding of teams.  The budgets are drafts based on the information available at the time they are created. The dates given on the draft budgets are based on preliminary information. 

Team Leaders

If you are joining a team, please consider whether you are interested in being a team leader.  The USODA tries to help facilitate finding a team leader, and the sooner a team leader is found, the better organized the team will be.   We prefer that a team leader has already participated in an international team but it is not mandatory. Strong leadership and organizational skills are a benefit.  Please email if you are interested.


The Teams

A. IODA South American Championship - Mar del Plata, Argentina, March 23 – 27, 2020. Fifteen (15) top finishers, including four (4) of the opposite gender may be invited to join the United States team attending the 2020 South American Championship.  (Anticipated travel Dates: March 19thand 28th)

B.  International Palamos Optimist Trophy – Palamos, Spain, February 13 – 16, 2020. Fifteen (15) finishers, including four (4) of the opposite gender may be invited to join the United States team attending the 2020 International Palamos Optimist Trophy.   (Anticipated travel Dates: February 9thand 17th)

C.  Lake Garda Optimist Meeting – Riva del Garda, Italy, April 8-12, 2020.  Twenty (20) finishers, including six (6) of the opposite gender may be invited to join the United States team attending the Lake Garda Optimist Meeting.  (Anticipated travel Dates: April 5thand 13th)

D.  Magic Marine Easter Regatta – Roelofarendsveen, Holland, dates have not been published.  Fifteen (15) finishers, including four (4) of the opposite gender may be invited to join the United States team attending the Magic Marine Easter Regatta. 


Alternative Selection and other notices

In the event no races are completed at the 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship or the Executive Committee of the USODA Board of Directors concludes, prior to the start of the first race, that a substantial percentage of the registered sailors cannot attend or otherwise participate in the regatta for reasons beyond the control of Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer, the USODA or the registered sailors, then the order of finishes (with first place to receive the first selection, etc.) of those sailors from the 2019 Optimist Team Trials  who, (a) are current members of the USODA, (b) registered for the 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship, and (c) whose age permits them to sail in USODA events in the same year as the events for which teams that are being selected are to occur, may serve as the basis for selecting the individuals to be invited to join the USODA teams otherwise to be selected on the basis of the results of the 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship.

All sailors should understand that the USODA reserves the right to amend this document at any time, including the time before completion of sailor registrations to Spring teams identified above or to implement an alternative basis for the selection of international teams. 

Sailors do not have a vested right with respect to the selection of the international teams based on their finishes at the 2019 Optimist Southeast Championship, the 2019 Optimist Team Trials, or on any other basis. This posting is informational only and shall not form the basis for any reliance, expectation, or claim of the existence of a contract and is not a substitute for Class motions, Class practices and or Board votes.