**Updated to Include Instructions on how to Check Membership Expiration Dates and Process Renewals**

January 12, 2021


Sunshine States Registration Announcement


Registration for the 2021 Optimist Sunshine State Championship will open for all competitors on Friday, January 15 at 1200 EST.  The Notice of Race is now available on the Event Website at www.usoda.org .


There is a cap on entries as follows:


Championship Fleet: 150 Boats


Green Fleet: 50 Boats


Competitors must be members of USODA, and memberships must not expire prior to March 7, 2021.  We strongly encourage competitors whose membership expires prior to this date to renew their membership prior to registering.  Please follow the instructions added at the bottom of this announcement to verify membership expiration dates and renew memberships.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.


Beth Danilek

USODA Executive Director

Email:  usoda@usoda.org

Cell:  609-510-0798


Steps to Check Membership Expiration Dates and Renew Memberships

Step 1:  Start with a new browser page

Step 2:  Go to www.usoda.org

Step 3:  Select 'Join' or 'Join/Renew' - Red box at top right on home page (the one that displays depends on if you are logged in already)


Step 4:  If you selected 'Join', log in with your user login credentials.

If you selected 'Join/Renew', or after logging in above, you should land on the 'Your Memberships' page and see all the memberships associated with your login.  If you don't land on the 'Your Memberships' page and see your memberships listed, please reach out to Beth Danilek for assistance (email: usoda@usoda.org, cell: 609-510-0798).  Do not create a new membership!


Step 5: Select the Member you want to view, and two options should appear:  'Renew' and 'Edit Details'

Step 6: Select Renew to View Current Plan and Expiration Date.  Proceed as instructed to renew the membership, if desired.