For Immediate Release - February 12, 2021


USODA Introduces the New ODP2 Horizon Program


The United States Optimist Development Program is excited to introduce its new ODP2 Horizon Program! The mission of the ODP2 Horizon Program is to help put eager sailors looking for further development on the right path to be higher level Optimist racers by offering regionally based practice opportunities with top Optimist coaches. Weekend practices or micro-clinics will be scheduled in areas across the country that may not have access to high level coaching to help educate and elevate youth sailors, parents, and sailing programs to the next level. Youth sailors and parents will also become more familiar with the process to qualify for our ODP2 Program, US International Teams, US National Team, and beyond.


How It Works

It’s a simple concept………… Any club or organization who wishes to host a Horizon Program practice in their region will have access to USODA approved coaches who will travel to your area and run a weekend clinic for your sailors.  



Any sailor from the host region who has not qualified for either the ODP2 Program or US National Team can participate. 


Program Goals:

  • To enhance sailors’ development at regional clinics, providing detailed feedback and ongoing dialogue from coaches

  • To develop and prepare sailors for a future invitation to the US Optimist Development Program (ODP2)
  • To create pathways for sailors to other classes of youth racing

  • To educate host venues, programs, parents, and sailors about goal setting within the 
Optimist Class 

  • To create sailors well versed in the fundamentals of sailboats and sailing

  • To educate and develop sailors, not just within the realm of their sailing skills but also their soft skills
  • To give youth sailors the skills to play for life


For more information please contact:


MacKenzie McGuckin – ODP2 Horizon Program Coordinator




Scott Lindley - ODP2 National Coordinator