2023 Board of Director Elections 

Posted August 3, 2023


The USODA is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Board of Directors:

Stephanie Doyle Cox (FL)

Jacqueline Crespin (MD)

Stacey Keane (WI)

Chris O'Gwen (NJ)

Hillary Oswald (FL)

Jeremy Wenokur (CA)

A huge thank you to the following outgoing Board Members for their service and dedication to the Class during the last 3 or more years:

Brian Hull

Bill Lieber

Blake MacDiarmid

Cambrey Rogers

2023 USODA Annual General Meeting & Board of Director Elections

Posted July 6, 2023

The USODA will hold its Annual Meeting of Sustaining Members on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 7:00 pm EDT via Zoom Conference Call. If you are not already a Sustaining Member, please consider joining at and participate in the upcoming Board of Director Elections.


The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following candidates for the 2023 USODA Board of Director Election (select each name to view bios):

Stephanie Doyle Cox (FL)
Elisabeth Munder (NY/FL)
Jacqueline Crespin (MD)Hillary Oswald (FL)
Claudia Fontecilla (FL)Kim Rasmussen-Scholter (MA)
Elena Freyre (FL)Chris O’Gwen (NJ)
David Gosselin (FL)Beau Robicheaux (TX)
Stacey Keane (WI)Jeremy Wenokur (CA)

The 2023 Ballot for the USODA Board of Directors is available on the USODA website under the ‘Class’ section, or by using the links below.  There are five open Board positions, each for a term of 3 years.  Information on the current members of the Board, including the outgoing Class of 2023, is available at  We thank you in advance for your diligent consideration of the candidates and their background and experience, as, in our view, having a board with a diversity of Opti experience, sailing experience, non-profit experience, views, current family member involvement (and their intensity level) and geographic nexus is critical to the continued growth and vibrancy of the USODA. Your participation is valued and will help ensure our Class Association continues to enjoy strong leadership.


Please take note of the delivery options and deadlines for the return of your ballot.  Your Sustaining Membership must be active on the date your ballot is submitted, as well as the date of the AGM, August 2nd.  Ballots must be received by Tuesday, August 1st at 5:00 pm EDT.  If you require any assistance with your membership or ballot submission, please contact


Thank you for your consideration to actively support the mission of Optimist sailing in the United States!


Respectfully submitted,

Senet Bischoff, Chair of the Nominating Committee

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