At all USODA events, sailors are required to register using a sail number associated with a boat that they own.  Exceptions may be granted for sailors in Green Fleet and those using club-owned boats.

If you have a used or new boat that you need to register in your name, please use the Boat Registration/Transfer Form to submit the information to USODA.

If you have any questions about the Boat Registration process, do not hesitate to email us at

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Why should I register my optimist?

Every optimist in the world is issued a measurement book before it is sold.  By registering your optimist with USODA, you keep that measurment book valid.  If you ever take your boat to an event where they require a measurement book/certificate, you will need to show that it has been properly registered in your name with USODA


What is an ISAF / World Sailing number?

Every hull has a unique ISAF / World Sailing number associated with it.  That number can be found on a plaque that is affixed to the aft-facing side of the mast partner.   It's comparable to a VIN number on an automobile or boat.  DO NOT REMOVE OR ALTER THIS PLAQUE!!!

It may look like one of these:

Sample ISAF Plaque

Sample World Sailing Plaque


How do I find out the sail number that goes with my optimist?

When a boat is measured by a builder, they complete the measurement book, which includes the ISAF / World Sailing Plaque number.  That number is provided to USODA, and we assign a sail number to go with it.  That sail number and plaque number are 'married' to one another.  If you are unsure of the sail number that goes with your boat, email and provide the ISAF / World Sailing Plaque number.  We will then be able to provide you with the sail number that goes with your hull.


At USODA events, the sail number you register with must be associated with a boat registered to you (exceptions are made when sailors are using club-owned boats, and also for Green Fleet sailors).  This process eliminates duplicate sail numbers at an event, which would be a nightmare for race officials and scorers!!


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