Posted March 24, 2022

USODA and SafeSport

The USODA, like US Sailing, is committed to providing a healthy and positive environment free from abuse for all our members and volunteers.

Effective January 1, 2022, the USODA, as a Local Affiliated Organization of US Sailing, will follow the US Sailing Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies.


The USODA defines Covered Participants as follows:


USODA Leadership and Staff - The following shall complete SafeSport training before contact with athletes begins, and in any case within 45 days of assuming their new role:

USODA Executive Director

USODA Board of Directors

USODA Class Measurer


Coaches Contracted by USODA who have regular contact  with athletes or authority over athletes and are associated with USODA practices, International Teams, the USNT/ODP2 shall complete SafeSport training and a background check as a pre-requisite for appointment or hire.


In addition, the USODA STRONGLY RECOMMENDS the following individuals complete SafeSport training:

Event Chairpersons for USODA events;

Support persons as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing;

Non-US Sailing certified members of the Race Committee at USODA events

Additional resources, including how to take SafeSport training can be found here.


Reports of abuse can be reported to the USODA Executive Director by email at, or directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport at

Take SafeSport Training


Take SafeSport Training

Existing Users - Login Here

You will be redirected to the US Center for SafeSport training homepage. Click Login in the upper right corner of the page.

Special Note For First Time Users of SafeSport’s New Absorb Training Platform: The US Center for SafeSport transitioned to a new training platform hosted by Absorb in April 2021 and your previous SafeSport records have been migrated to the new Absorb training platform. To activate your new account, enter the email address you have previously used for SafeSport, and click Forgot Password. This will send a password reset notification to your SafeSport email address. Follow the instructions to create a new, secure password and log into the training site.

Once logged into your SafeSport Dashboard, select the My Courses tab to view your outstanding SafeSport training requirements and course completion history.


New Users - Register Here

New SafeSport users will be redirected to the US Center for SafeSport training dashboard and prompted to create a personal SafeSport account. During registration, US Sailing members must provide their US Sailing Member ID in the Membership ID box. All users, including those who are not US Sailing members, must list US Sailing as the required Sport Organization.

Once logged into your SafeSport Dashboard, scroll down to your Catalog and enroll in the SafeSport Trained – NGB1course. The course will populate in your My Courses tab and you can begin the curriculum.


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